Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Rena. Rena lived in a beautiful, perfect world with her mom and dad. This world was full of beautiful, fragrant flowers. Rena’s parents would feed her delicious nectar from the flowers and dress her in beautiful dresses made from their petals. This world had trees to climb, good clean water to swim in, and lots of bunnies, kittens, and puppy-dogs to pet.
Rena lived happily in her perfect world until one day, an evil witch discovered this beautiful place. Now, she hated bunnies, kittens, puppy-dogs, and especially flowers, for she hated all things fragrant and beautiful. She also hated any good, loving person who liked these things. So this witch decided to create a storm that would destroy this beautiful place. She cast an evil spell that made it storm in Rena’s perfect world, and the storm destroyed everything except Rena.
Poor Rena was all alone in her ruined home. Here parents were gone, and so were all her animal friends. Worse still, all the flowers had turned to slime; so walking in this place was terrible. She kept slipping and falling in that horrible slime, and soon she had slime all over her. Rena felt so awful she found herself wishing she would die like her parents. But even when she felt like quitting, Rena kept going.
She covered her eyes, for the witch had made everything as ugly and frightening as herself, and she held her nose, for everything stank of the witch, too. But soon little Rena smelled something familiar. She unplugged her nose, opened her eyes, and sure enough, she had grown two beautiful wings made of flower petals. These wings were so beautiful they made her forget about the slime covering her body, and their fragrance blocked out the terrible smell. Soon Rena found herself flapping her wings, and she flew high above her ruined home. While she was flying, most of the slime fell off of her, but not all of it. Rena flew through the air, happy to have escaped from the witch and her terrible deeds, until she came to another world. This world had bunnies, kittens, and puppy-dogs just like her old world, but it also had snakes, wasps, and slugs. There were flowers in this world, and they were beautiful, but their petals could not be worn, and their nectar was poisonous for humans. But they could be picked!
Rena soon learned that there were people in this world too, but they were not like the beautiful people she knew from her perfect world. They all had flaws, such as ugly noses or stupid laughs. But none of them were as awful as the witch. As Rena got to know these people, she came to like them, especially this one man and woman. As time went on, Rena discovered new things in this world that she had never experienced in her perfect world. For instance, these people could make her laugh in ways she had never laughed before. Back in her perfect world, all the humor was light-hearted and cheerful, but here there was also dry and sarcastic humor, which Rena learned to love. Back in the perfect world, there was nothing to be dry or sarcastic about.
As Rena came to love this new world, the man and woman told her a special secret: they were her parents. All three of them had been separated during the storm, but they all survived, and they all found each other again in this new world.
As time went on, Rena learned to love her new home flaws and all. She could no longer wear dresses made of flower petals, but the new materials they had in this world also made lovely clothes. Her parents dressed her and fixed her up, and even though they could not get rid of the last bit of slime, her lovely features shone even more beautifully because of it. And her parents’ new imperfections made her love their good qualities even more. Even though life was no longer perfect, Rena and her parents lived happily ever after.



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2 responses to “Rena

  1. Laura

    I really like your story & as I was reading it I thought that it provided some great imagery for individuals struggling with depression. Keep up the good work. You never know when your creative gifts might provide hope to a hurting soul at just the right moment!

  2. It’s funny that you say that, because when my mom first told me this story, she told it to help ease my depression. She’s a psychologist, so she certainly knows how to help depressed people.

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