Bunk Bed Story

One night, a little girl was having a very uncomfortable rest on a bunk bed. She was on the top bunk, which might sound like fun, only this bunk had no sheets, no pillows, no blankets, no mattresses, no nothing. She was just lying there on the hard board, and so she could not sleep a wink. But she was brave, and she knew there must be something better beyond what she felt. So she pushed against the hard board as forcefully as she could! Not realizing her strength, the girl was quite surprised when the board broke. Down, down she fell, until she was caught by something soft.
As soon as the girl had recovered from her fall, she looked around. There, surrounding her, she saw many soft, cuddly stuffed animals, a nice, cushy pillow, and warm, fuzzy blankets. She also saw the soft thing that had broken her fall was a mattress, the comfiest mattress she had ever been on! She was on the bottom bunk, and, being much more comfortable than she had been before, she soon dozed off and had happy dreams.


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