Notes on “Bunk Bed Story”

This is another original fairy tale of mine. It is a very simple story based on something I remember making up when I was three. The main reason I’m posting it is that after someone said that “Rena” had some potentially therapeutic imagery in it, I wondered if any of the other made up stories from my childhood had therapeutic properties, including this one. Please tell me what you think.



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4 responses to “Notes on “Bunk Bed Story”

  1. Lily, Rena and the bunk bed story in particular have incredible therapeutic value, IMO. What child (or adult) has not had the rude awakening that all in life is not perfect, but that there is beauty and love all around in spite of that? And who has never had the “I’m falling!” dream? Landing on soft, cuddly things is what we all need as humans at any age. Thanks so much for reminding me of your blog! BTW, you should send some of these to Rev. Greg to read at BRUU during the children’s story of the service. Rena would be a hit!

    • Katherine, I’m so glad you like these stories! I find it interesting that you compared the bunk bed story to a falling dream. I never thought of it that way before. With that story, I’ve always emphasized instead the idea that you sometimes shouldn’t be afraid to “break” your current situation in order to find something better.
      About the “Rena” story, I actually shared that with third graders the very first time I led an RE class. It was a big hit. I had the children act it out and everything! I’ll never forget how one little girl enthusiastically volunteered to be the witch! Since it was a big hit before, I will definitely consider sending it to Reverend Greg.
      “Bunk Bed” isn’t as meaty as “Rena,” so if I want to include “Bunk Bed” in anything I publish, I should probably consider compiling a collection of my own therapeutic stories. I’m not sure where to start with that, though, because so far, all the therapeutic stories I’ve written are from either dreams or made-up stories from when I was little. I’m not sure if or how I can recapture the therapeutic quality that seems to have been inherent in the stories of my youth. If you have any ideas, please share them with me.

      • I would suggest you write one story at a time as they come to you, without burdening your writing process with the thought of a potential book. When it’s time for the therapeutic stories to be written, they will arrive naturally. Don’t force it.

  2. You’re right. I shouldn’t get ahead of myself.

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