My First Retelling

I have discussed fairy tales, and now it is time to retell one.  After discussing “The Little Mermaid” last week, during which I mentioned “Thumbelina,” I  thought I’d discuss that story.  When I reread it, though, I not only remembered how much I loved the story (not the Don Bluth film) as a child, I also realized that unlike many other fairy tales, there is very little in it that I dislike, or at least nothing a good retelling can’t fix.  So instead of discussing this fairy tale, I decided to retell it, leaving out all the parts I don’t like, emphasizing the parts I do, and maybe even taking liberties here and there.

Feel free to read the original story at this link:   This will give you a better idea of which parts of the story I don’t like and help you see how the story can be retold without them.  It will also give you an idea of my favorite parts, and I’d love to discuss each other’s favorite parts of this story.

My retelling is relatively short; I have a longer version saved on my computer.  I decided to post the shorter version because I would like to eventually submit fairy tale retellings to Spider, a children’s literary magazine, and they only accept stories that are 1000 words or less.  While I may eventually publish the longer version as a picture book or in my own fairy tale collection, I have a better chance of publishing it in Spider first, so this is the version I would like to post so people can critique it before it is submitted.  That said, any critiquing you can do of this retelling will be much appreciated.

With no further ado, I will post my retelling, but first, here is a link to Spider for anyone who is interested:


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