Hello and welcome to my Fairy Tale Castle!   I am Story Fairy, the Queen of this blog!  Here you will find discussions and retellings of fairy tales I know, ideas for parents and teachers on sharing these fairy tales with children, and a few original fairy tales I have written.  Check this blog for new content every Sunday and/or Monday, as that is when I usually post new stuff.

In addition to retellings and discussions of fairy tales, I hope to eventually post reviews of other people’s fractured, retold, and/or original fairy tales here.  These reviews will also be posted on my writing blog, where I post other writing projects, including reviews of all different types of books.  You will see a link to this blog on another page.  I am always open to suggestions for other types of material I can post here, so please tell me about any other type of fairy tale-related material you would like to see!  Also, if you know of a fairy tale I haven’t discussed or retold yet, please send me a link to it!

As for me, my real name is Lily Stejskal.  I am an aspiring children’s author who has so far published one essay in Connotation Press, an online literary magazine for adults.  As you will see, this essay is also included as an additional page here.   I blog about fairy tales because in addition to being the genre of literature I know the most about, they are among the nearest and dearest stories to my heart and the ones I have gotten the most inspiration from.  As a children’s author, I hope to publish my own retellings and reworkings of fairy tales, as well as original, often therapeutic fairy tales of my own.  Anything else I write will doubtlessly have the fantasy and depth found it fairy tales.  So come explore  my castle and enjoy!


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