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Mature Sleeping Beauty Discussion (Adults Only)

Yes, Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” has always held much inspiration for me, and the first time I read it, the same was true for the original “Brothers Grimm” version.  This, however, was much more of a one hit wonder for me, and not a very good one at that.  When I read an illustrated version of the Brothers Grimm version at school for a book report, the one thing in it that differed from the Disney version (besides the absence of the Disney version’s most interesting concepts) was the part about the queen being visited by a frog while she was bathing in a pond.  The frog promises that in a year’s time, she will bear a child.  Well, it’s obvious why that fascinated me at age eight!  Her chat with the frog obviously symbolizes conception!  I was still just learning about where babies come from, and this frog incident really opened up my mind!  In fact, it influenced both the stories I wrote based on Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” and a story of my own that I wrote for school.  At least once when I was making up my own “Sleeping Beauty” stories, one of them started with the three good fairies making all of the queen’s favorite foods appear, then enchanting them so that eating them would make her pregnant.  But that’s nothing compared to what I came up with in my own story, “Princess Amber!”  In this story, the king transforms into a fairy and puts a spell on his wife to make her pregnant!  Wow, I was not very good at disguising sexual thoughts at that age!

Thinking about that story still makes me laugh, and not just because of that strange way of making a baby.  In fact, that was probably the best part of this story!  The rest of “Princess Amber” involved an evil witch kidnapping her when she was a baby, keeping her until she was a teenager, the fairy a.k.a. her father not even attempting to save her until then, and Prince Charming showing up at the end just as an afterthought.  Whew!  This is a very embarrassing story to talk about, especially since the latter is basically what I hate the most about fairy tales like “Cinderella” and “Snow White.”

Anyway, my interesting ideas on how babies are made were really the only thing that came out of my reading of the original “Sleeping Beauty.”  Yes, I enjoyed the rest of it, but mostly because it was cozy and familiar after my many viewings of the Disney version.  Therefore, my love for the story of “Sleeping Beauty” has more to do with Disney’s embellishments than the actual story, and so despite my affection for this story, I am inclined to classify it along with “Cinderella” and “Snow White,” two fairy tales I am not very fond of.



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